Bounty Hunters and the Enforcement of Bail

When Justice Deferred is Justice Denied

As an industry leader, I believe it’s essential to the wellbeing of the industry that you understand a bit more about who we’re, wherever we derive the authority of ours and most importantly that ninety nine % people do not place the stereotype associated with a mullet-headed adrenaline junkie, and that is just being reinforced via the oxymoron of “reality TV.”

Though I’m also pragmatic enough to realize that that’s a bygone era and hardly any goes for our career today. So I plan to invest almost no time recounting the times of the Wild Wild West.

It’s within this idea of common law which bail enforcement agents derive the ability of theirs to work on behalf of any bail bondsman and enforce this particular contract. Usually, this particular agreement provides the bondsman’s agent the capability to apprehend as well as surrender a defendant at any moment, in any fashion, and also at every school of his choosing, although there are some exclusions and also the range of our power is definitely getting narrowed by a nonstop onslaught of legislation.

Regardless of the bad media we appear to be acquiring currently, actual incidents including a bail recovery agent are incredibly rare.

He’s a noted speaker, educator and writer in the area of fugitive apprehension.

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